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Let us help you realize your vision of the perfect day. With our meticulous care to detail and insatiable desire toward perfection, we can help make your dream wedding come true.

First impressions are important. Let us help you make the best impression on your clients in your store-front, office space, or by sending gifts. We offer monthly subscriptions for floral arrangements.

There is no better way to show love or appreciation than with a party. We can help you show that special person or people how much you care with a styled party that will be one for the books. Design fees and material are included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should we have a budget before meeting with you?

Definitely! Having a definitive budget will help you determine what your needs are versus your desires. By setting a cost for your entire event then prioritizing what is most important to you, you will find that it will be much easier to make decisions quicker.

How far in advance should we book a florist/floral designer? 

I recommend meeting and booking your vendors as soon as you set a date for your event. The pandemic has pushed event dates  in 2020 and 2021 and it is not unusual for vendors to be booked 12-18 months out. 

Are most flowers available all year-round?

Short answer, yes. Flowers are accessible from all over the world, all year round but there are benefits to buying "in-season." Probably the biggest reason to buy flowers in-season is cost. A peony grown from a farm here is Ohio from April to June will be significantly cheaper than purchasing peonies in August from Alaska. We suggest planning your concept or design based on what is available during the time of year you wish to hold your event. 

Should I know exactly what I want for my wedding or event when we meet?

Not at all! It's helpful to have an idea of the mood or palette you'd like to set but we are more than happy to help you dream up your vision of a picture perfect day for your event. We are available to assist you in coming up with a concept that is both unique and functional. 

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